Currently I am only offering locally grown herbs and spices to make Tisanes [herbal teas]. I do have some imported stock left, but I have suspended importing until the current World Health Crisis is resolved. Thank you for understanding. If you know what you want and I still have it, I can ship. Just ask.


herbal, caffeine free, chamomile flowers and buds

herbal, caffeine free, hibiscus flowers

Lavender Lemongrass
herbal, caffeine free, lavender flowers and dried lemongrass

Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple
apple, hibiscus, rosehips, freeze-dried kiwi, freeze-dried strawberry, dried kiwi slices, dried strawberry, beet powder, sea salt, citric acid

herbal, caffeine free, peppermint leaves

Orange Spice
Organic Black F.O.P. Tea, organic orange peel, organic cassia oil, and organic orange oil

all imports are Fair Trade and Organic