Raspberry Rhubarb Honey Tea

It’s almost time for the Rhubarb Festival in Bennington, NH and time for my love of Rhubarb to shine. I’m going to have Goat’s Milk and Green Tea Strawberry Rhubarb Soaps [phew, that’s a mouthful!] and of course lovely summery Raspberry Rhubarb Honey Tea. A sultry and light blend of green and black teas, enhanced…

Upcoming Events

March 23rd I’ll be at the Cabin Fever Flea Market in Hillsborough NH. This is a well attended event that has a great many vendors. Everything from flea market finds to artisan crafts. Basically this is our “Yay! The Faire season has started event” Our practice run to see if we can actually remember how…

The Rhubarb Festival

Coming up in March, I’ll be at the Bennington, NH Rhubarb Festival

This is a great event that celebrates the local crops of Rhubarb. Let’s face it, no garden is complete without those lovely giant green leaves and the tart sticks of fresh rhubarb.