ONLINE ORDERING STORE IS CLOSED FOR THE MARKET SEASON – sorry folks. I sell out too quickly during market season and cannot keep the store inventory accurate.

If you know what you want or want to re-order please email me and when I restock I will keep some aside for you.

For Brick and Mortar locations and events.

Visit Rebecca’s. An artisan crafters and antique consignment space located at 206 Concord St, Peterborough. NH. I have a permanent store there in the artisan space. I keep it stocked with teas, soaps, and herbal products. I can also stock custom items for you if you contact me and arrange it.

Visit me at the Farmer’s Market. This is seasonal from May to October. It’s a Rain or Shine market, with lots of parking and some fabulous vendors. Quite often there is a musician on hand to entertain and it’s on a bus route.

Visit my Facebook pages and store. The English Apothecary . Ten and Six Teas. The same rules apply. You can purchase directly through the store or just inbox me and order, I’ll invoice you and cram as much tea into a tiny shipping box as I can. This is definitely the best way if you are ordering soaps too. Those can really rack up shipping.