The Fun Begins


The Seramas went into their new coop today. It’s a bit on the chilly side at night so I insulated the walls and they have a Cozy Coop heater in their bedroom. They are not convinced that it’s a good move, but they seem to be acclimating well.

What have Seramas got to do with tea, you ask? Well, nothing directly. However they are to be my little composters. I hate waste and when I strip the herbs for the dehydrator, I end up with lots of stems and old leaves for composting. Things like peppermint and catnip make great bedding for the chickens and the chickens enjoy scratching at them until they are shredded, composted and ready for recycling back into the garden.

Why not larger chickens? I don’t really eat a lot of meat, and although I do use eggs in baking, I don’t really eat them either. Seramas are lovable little cuddlebugs and they do produce eggs. About the size of a quail egg. Great eggs for pickling, if you are so inclined. Also great eggs for making earrings once they are dried and mounted. Their crow is very unobtrusive, sort of like a squeaky toy rooster, and you can put a lot of birds in a small space. Lots of folks use guinea pig habitats. Watch the temps though, they need 4o degrees or thereabouts in winter, although mine have been coping well with 29 degrees external temp, insulated coop with 200 watt heater.

Anyone interested in Seramas should check out [yes, I’m a member] for lots of helpful advice and instructions and of course, a list of breeders. Mine came from Jerry Schexnayder, Granite State Seramas and DG Seramas. All listed on the site. These birds are perfect for kids. In fact, they are often used for work as therapy birds for autistic and spectrum persons. Their gentle nature and need for hugs makes them perfect. House chicken? Yep. You can buy diapers and they are super house friendly.

More on their shenanigans later. Thanks for reading.

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