Prepping for Fall

The temps have dropped by about 20 F this week. While it makes great sleeping weather, I’ve been casting my eye over the garden and deciding what plants I need to dig up and pot for the winter. Only the hardiest of perennials will make it over a NH winter. Cucamelons and Tree Collards will have to come up if I ever want to see them again. I’ll be collecting Hollyhock and Borage seeds again. I’m going to be moving house in the next few months, so anything I want, will have to be dug up now, before the ground freezes. My apple and mulberry trees, grape vines and hops will be going into one gallon cloth bags and stored under plastic before frost comes. Goosberry, rhubarb, fig, chamomile, valerian, some mints, my iris and my lilies will all have to come up. Phew, looks like I have a busy week ahead!

Hops in the Dehydrator

I might have to suspend shipping for a while during the move, I’ll keep you all updated about dates and times when they are firmed up. Business as usual once I have moved. I knew this was coming and I stocked up on more of our plant friends during this season, the weather was on my side for a change and we did well. The really loved the wet season with hot sunny days interspersed, and they bloomed for us with gusto! The Elecampane pictured, is still going strong. The bees are happy. I even saw some new clover popping it’s head up for a last hurrah. Life is good.

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