It’s been a while…..


I’ve been reassessing a lot of my priorities over our pandemic experience and I’ve made a few changes to my herbal model. Primarily I’ll be making teas with herbs that I have grown, with a few ingredients thrown in. Green Tea and Black Tea will still have to be imported as they don’t grow here for me. The tea market has bloomed in the USA, which makes me very happy, and there are lots and lots of lovely teas to enjoy. Plenty of great tea suppliers out there now and I have no wish to compete on a business level. I would rather enjoy the company of my herbs throughout their growing experience and their transformation into healthful beverages and foods.

I’m going to concentrate mainly of producing healthy, local teas with a bit of extra ‘oomph’. Earl Grey Green Nettle and Mullein for instance. Chamomile Lemongrass and Ginger Lemongrass. I don’t want to get caught up in the competition for the most beautiful tea, such as Pea Flower, or the most additions to a single cup, etc. I’m just aiming at good, old fashioned ‘what my Great Grandma would have used’, herbals and tisanes. I’m moving house this year if all goes as planned and that means a brand new garden. I’ll be digging up my herbal friends and giving them a new and hopefully larger home. Wish me luck?

One of my old favourites; Borage in my garden.

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