A Productive Time


January is a great month for experimenting with new things. All those long dark evenings, with freezing rain and lots of snow have to be good for something eh? This month I was contacted with a request for a Liver Rescue Broth. As it happened I did have all the herbs needed, but I also offered to add in dried vegetables and herbs to save time on prep. All the recipient would need to do would be to add water and any fresh veggies they wanted, cook for 2 hours, and consume.

As serendipity would have it, another friend of a friend is currently undergoing chemo and they asked if they could have some too. Of course. My pleasure. I’m always one to go with the signs given, and that was a big one. I left out a couple of ingredients for the second person, because they have no tolerance for them. Last thing we want is to strain a person already under siege.

The next experiment was for me. I have friends who rave about Everything But The Bagel seasoning, but I’m about an hour from any Trader Joe’s. I figured I would make my own version. I used pink salt instead of sea salt, and white hulled poppy instead of the regular black poppy seeds. I think it turned out fantastically! It’s great on avocado toast. All bagelly and stuff.

A big thanks to all of those folks who have been steadfastly supporting me by shopping at Rebecca’s. I really appreciate it. My little pop up shop is open there, year round. The staff there are happy to take any enquiries for out of stock items, or let me know about any issues. Just go to the counter and let them know. Thank you for keeping my spirits up all winter, every little purchase makes a difference to a tiny business like mine. I do dance a little jig for every sale. If I get enough requests I might even video myself doing the jig and post it on Facebook.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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