I am totally done with snow now, and we haven’t really started winter yet. We had 18 inches last week and two days ago we got just under 3 feet in one day. A ridiculous amount of snow. My hoophouse has collapsed and it will just have to stay that way until spring. I can’t dig out nearly 5 feet of snow. I also lost one of my bird habitats and it took me hours to dig them out and move them to another one. Thankfully they all live inside wooden coops within the habitat and they were safe and warm until I got to them. Today they are just very annoyed at the amount of snow they are having to negotiate.

Needless to say that everything is ten times harder when you have to walk through snow that comes up to your waist. Thank goodness for waterproof snow pants. Once the driveway was plowed I had to get out of a window so that I could dig out the door exit. Then clear the steps to get to level ground. I’m getting way too old for this stuff. Then I had to dig through the berm that the plow left, to get my car out. To move the car I had to dig around it to allow exhaust fumes out so I could move it. Once the car was moved to a sunnier spot, I had to then clear off all snow and ice. In New Hampshire it is illegal to drive your car without clearing all the snow and ice off it first. You can kill someone with a piece of ice flying off your car at 60 miles per hour, not to mention the accidents you can cause. See Meghan’s Law.

Anyway, I eventually got it cleared, went to the store for some supplies and then I was completely pooped for the rest of the day. Couple of glasses of wine, a hot bath and an early night to watch BritBox in bed, snuggled with the dogs. This snow can just stop anytime, unfortunately according to the predictions, we are in for a winter of this. Florida is sounding nice, right now.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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