Snowy Day


Looks like winter has arrived here in New Hampshire. We went from wearing T shirts yesterday to being in the process of accumulating a foot of heavy, wet, snow. This is the kind of snow that takes down trees and power lines and wipes out anything that can’t take the weight. The ground isn’t frozen yet, so that’s going to add to the task of trying to remove the snow from anything that isn’t paved. Our road is a dirt road and isn’t paved. This means that if they try to plow it, the road surface will come up too. Then they’ll have to come back with a couple of truckloads of stone and a road grader to get it back to a reasonable shape.

When we moved here there were only 6 houses on this road and it’s 3 miles long. [I know, I use it for my Garmin steps] 2 more houses have gone up, and they have granted permission for 6 more down by the swamp. The relevance being that they might finally pave the road. Not always as good as that sounds, upkeep is easier, but frost heaves are way worse. Every couple of years they have to come and grind down the heaves on the nearest paved section, then they make a big hole and fill it in with tarmac. 2 years go by and then the mountain will have heaved that section up again. Axle breaking mounds appear, and then of course, the corresponding dips. It’s actually easier to just rake the dirt road with the grader a few times. The road washes out several times a year with the heavy rains. You won’t get far without 4 wheel drive around here.

The Chooks

The birds are all in for the day. The chickens don’t care, they are not very fond of snow. As long as they have their flock block, pellets and a pumpkin, they are happy. The ducks, on the other hand, are complaining their heads off. They don’t mind the snow. The only issue being that in inclement weather the predators are usually out hunting. From hawks to bears, they need a snack, and I prefer that my birds are not the breakfast bar. In my third enclosure I have 4 Ayam Cemani chickens and two geese. They will spend the day annoying each other, so that keeps them busy.

My dogs will also spend the day checking that the weather out back and the weather out front, actually matches. They have a doggie door to an enclosed run in the back of the house. They can go in and out all day [and night] to their heart’s content. This doesn’t stop them asking to go out, they do enjoy our pack walks, but they don’t really like deep snow. Don’t blame them. They’ll be disgusted that I haven’t been able to stop it snowing. I am apparently a bad dog parent.

Anyway. That’s today. Stay safe out there. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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