Small Business Saturday

Every year I try to support local small businesses by attending their Small Business Saturday events. This year is a bit more restrictive on in person attendance. I would not travel from one event to another to another and so on. That’s just irresponsible pandemic wise. I chose this year to attend a small event held by Endless Art and Washed Ashore in the same private location. If you are not familiar with Andrea or Terri’s work, click on the link to go visit their Facebook pages.

I visit Endless Art to buy spoons. Seems weird, I know, but her spoons are perfect for blending teas and salts. She custom woodburned these for me with Harry Potter themed designs. [it can’t be all Alice, all the time, or can it?] Yes, there IS a wine stopper in the pics. It’s going to be for my Herbes de Provence olive oil bottle. Sometimes you just have to indulge the senses.

Washed Ashore is all sea glass art. Terri collects sea glass on the beaches in New Hampshire and creates beautiful decorative items for the home and some great whimsical jewellery. A fabulous use of what used to be litter and the sea has polished it into submission.

Check out both of these great artisans and you are sure to be able to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Oh! Don’t forget your cuppa while browsing. Cheers!

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