10/6 to Go

Do you long for the flavours of your loose leaf tea, but can’t fit the whole brew/strain/cleanup into your busy work day? Introducing 10/6 to Go. A handy eco-friendly reusable bamboo container that fits in your purse [or your pocket] and the mini bombilla/straw set. I should have these ready this week and they will be available at the store in Peterborough, NH [Rebecca’s, 206 Concord St] during November. December will see them go live on the online store.

Fill the bamboo container with your favourite tea and carry the bombilla separately OR if you want to carry just enough for a couple of cups, place the bombilla in the tube too. Simply add a teaspoon of tea to 8 ounces of hot water in your cup and then use the straw to drink the tea. It self strains, allowing you to use the tea over and over until the flavour is gone. Just continue to add more water and brew. Then empty the leaves into the composting bin and rinse your straw. The straw is easily cleaned with a bottle brush of the apt size, or do it the English way and just rinse and allow the straw to season.

I like to carry two tubes with me, one with black tea, which I will usually add milk to; and one with a green or herbal tea, which I tend to drink straight or with a touch of honey or lemon. I use the same bombilla for both. You can use the bombilla as a small spoon and as a stirrer. Having a cold drink? Just use it as a straw. You’ll soon never want to leave home without it.

Shown here is a tube filled with Vanilla Black Tea. There’s enough for about 15 cups of tea in there.

All the benefits of loose leaf tea, without all the hassle AND it’s good for the environment in cutting down on the use of tea bags and plastic stirrers. What could be better?

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