The Rhubarb Festival

Coming up in March, I’ll be at the Bennington, NH Rhubarb Festival

This is a great event that celebrates the local crops of Rhubarb. Let’s face it, no garden is complete without those lovely giant green leaves and the tart sticks of fresh rhubarb. I like to pick mine, peel them, and then dip in some sugar before crunching away.

Obviously most people like to cook their rhubarb and most often combine with strawberries or raspberries to complement the flavour. Think pie!

I will be bringing along some Rhubarb and Strawberry Goat’s Milk and Green Tea Soaps, and a special blend of tea for the festival: Raspberry Rhubarb Honey Tea.  Come along and see for yourself, all things rhubarb. It’s a great venue location with plenty of parking and a gentle flat site. No hills to climb and there’s a rhubarb parade!

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