Business Closing – October 31st 2021. Thank you to everyone for all your support over the years. Be safe and be well.

Your home for locally grown herbs, and teas/tisanes in New Hampshire. At Ten and Six Teas you will find the usual suspects; nettles, mullein, damiana, dandelion, chamomile and hyssop to name just a few, along with fair trade, traditional, Camellia Sinensis. My greatest joy is combining locally grown plants with imported teas and blending them to create unique flavour profiles.

It’s a fantastically magical and spiritual process, tending a plant from seed to maturity and then preparing a leaf [or 100] in such a way that it will live on and nourish those that seek it out. I am blessed to be able to grow and create. I hope that you will be nourished by my plants and their stunning flavours.

I started making my own tea blends a few years ago and progressed to selling some of them at Farmer’s Markets in the region. When I found that my teas appealed to a wide range of people I decided to branch out and combine two of my favourite things in Ten and Six Teas. My love of alice in wonderland and my love of tea.

This isn’t a big company, I’m a one-woman show, so every tin of tea you order is created, blended, packed and shipped by me, with love. From seed to teacup and from my heart to yours, enjoy!