What is 10/6?

Hello Everyone. In light of the current World Health issues, I am suspending my imports of tea for the time being. I do still have a lot in stock and can use in my blends until I run out. Locally grown herbs for tisanes are still in production, so herbals and tisanes are available. I haven’t got them listed in the shop as they move too quickly to keep up with. Regular customers can just email and I’ll ship to you. If you are a new customer email and I’ll update you with what I have.

Debi, Ten and Six Teas

I’m a big fan of tea and I’m also a big fan of Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland. Being from England and born in another century where we still used Pounds, Shillings and Pence, I am very familiar with the way prices were written back then. For those not so au courant with old English currency, 10/6 is the way to write Ten Shillings and Six Pennies. Therefore the price tag in the Hatter’s hat showed that he wanted Ten and Six for that style of hat. That’s couture for you!

I started making my own tea blends a few years ago and progressed to selling some of them at Farmer’s Markets in the region. When I found that my teas appealed to a wide range of people I decided to branch out and combine two of my favourite things in Ten and Six Teas. This isn’t a big company, I’m a one-woman show, so every tin of tea you order is created, blended, packed and shipped by me, with love. From my heart to yours, enjoy!